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RAAMA 50 ML serum for scalp skin, and as a voluminizig mask prior to showering

about the product

A mixture of herbal extracts in jojoba oil

Moisturizes and soothes the scalp skin.

Suitable for  conditions of psoriasis, seborrhea or eczema of the scalp skin.


Jojoba oil extracts of everlasting, rosemary, Biblical Hyssop (thyme species), borage leaves



RAAMA 50 ML serum for scalp skin, and as a voluminizig mask prior to showering


For caring for dry or irritated scalp skin

Drip extract onto your fingers, then massage onto the scalp or facial skin  to complete
absorption, twice a day (morning and evening). It may cause a temporary
warming sensation. Avoid rinsing the hair immediately following the

For hair voluminizing and giving wonderful brilliance, lather into hair before shampooing or applying dye, the wash off

Ingredients include: Jojoba oil, helichrysum italicum (everlasting) oil, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) , myrtus communis (myrtle) oil, rosmarinus officinalius (rosemary) oil, thymus vulgaris

(thyme) oil, anchusa strigosa ext.

Note-this product is available also in a US warehouse for quick shipment within the US.


Product reviews from Amazon:

  1. Mad Max, June 1, 2021
-This is all natural, which is important to me
-I have used oils on psoriasis with tremendous success, but you have to be diligent. It depends how much psoriasis you’re dealing with, but if you’re trying to treat an outbreak, you have to leave it on – you can’t use it just as a pre-shampoo. As long as you don’t have any allergic reactions to the oils, it’s best to sleep with it on (with night cap), or just layer on the oils and wear around the house for as long as you can stand it.
-In the past I’ve had success with Borage, Jojoba, and Rosemary – so I know this work for me, but I’m excited to see how the other oils (Everlasting & Biblical Hyssop) perform.
-Final note – these are not just for the scalp, they can be put on the skin as well.
Dean Family, May 31, 2021
This serum treats a number of scalp infections including eczema, seborrhea and psoriasis. I get folliculitis at times – inflammation of the hair follicles – and got this to treat it.
The serum is oily, so you need to consider that. I might not wear it out in public because it tends to make my hair go limp, but I do apply it at home a few hours before a shower, and let it absorb deeply into the skin.
It is helping with the folliculitis. I also like that it helps repair damaged hair, as well as moisturizing and treating the scalp.
It is not inexpensive, but when you have a scalp condition that needs attention, this is an effective product.
AE Gross, Sept 27, 2021
My son has pretty bad eczema that is pretty much all over, from head to toe. We’ve been able to find something for his skin, but not for his scalp until now.
Many of the other treatments would often leave a burning sensation and redness when our son used them. The first time he used this, he didn’t complain of any issues, but he also didn’t say it had made a difference yet. So he used this consistently and found that he was seeing improvement. Once he got things under control, he switched to using this only once a week which works for him. This has a pleasant smell to it because most of the time, there is a medicinal smell. The downside is the cost, but at the same time, it works very well.
Zulma, June 1, 2021
I got this as of recently been having issues with my scalp and I have been trying different products to help with the dryness. My only thing is that the picture of product showed a droplet applicator and this one came with a spryer. I hope application is the same. I thought the droplet applicator would get better saturation on my scalp than the spray. It’s to soon to see results but I will be updating my review. The product does have a smell not very overpowering but it’s tolerable maybe because I smell lavender and I love the smell of lavender. I don’t mind the scent as long as I see results


Sotto voce, May 28, 2021

No hair here to encourage. I’ve come to prefer the low-maintenance aspect of no-hair than I frankly did when I had beautiful locks of hair. Male pattern baldness went completely berserk on me and took full advantage. So the problem now, strange tabs and dry skin stuff tend to grow on my bald head. That stuff just doesn’t look ‘professional’, it distracts and diverts attention. My wife says I don’t moisturize enough and she’s probably right, but she has hair and if she has skin tabs up there, she’d probably not know it.

3 Hours after applying RAAMA, the moisturizer effect is still in play. So far, so good. No greasy kid’s stuff. Just that slick dome of radiance I appreciate.


Dinosaurs and Mermaids, mom of bo. October 7, 2021
My scalp stays rather itchy and flaky all year round due to my psoriasis. I not only use this as a pre-wash serum, but also afterwards while my hair is still damp. I will also use it randomly on the patch on my neck and by my ears if the itching gets really bad in-between washes. I was surprised at how well it has helped with the itching. I’m still waiting on the flakes to slow down, but I’ve only been using for 2 weeks now. The smell isn’t horrible and it only lingers for a little while.
 Ali Julia, May 31, 2021

Kedem serum has a pleasant scent that reminds me of pine. I apply it about 5 minutes before shampooing my hair. It moisturizes scalp hair and reduces itching that comes from irritated, dry skin. After using it for a week, I think it reduced dryness. I hoped that it would also reduce the amount of hair I see in the drain, but I have not noticed the difference yet.

Midwest Midlife, May 28, 2021
I got this for my husband who has seborrheic dermatitis, related to auto-immune issues. This seems to help the dry scalp, flaking and itching. We’ve been using this for a few days on him and we are cautiously optimistic. This is the first treatment we’ve used that we’ve seen good results with in a short amount of time. His scalp and hairline look very healthy when we use this. We haven’t used up the entire bottle yet but this does seem to be treating the flaking and itching. This is easy to apply and there’s no strong scent.
Daniel Weitz, June 15, 2021
RAAMA hair serum for Psoriasis and Seborrhea Prone Scalp Skin Hair Glow Pre-Shampooing Treatment does provide some relief for breakouts of psoriasis. My daughter gets flare ups at the base of her scalp at the top of her neck. She has found that this serum alleviates the flare ups. It is oily so to avoid staining the couch she wraps her hair in a towel for a few hours while it seeps in and then she showers it off.


whitney, June 8, 2021

נבדק בארה“ב בת

I have horrible dandruff, I’ve used pretty much every and anything you can think of including prescription medication from the dermatologist office. I ordered these drops and while it does not cure my scalp condition it does help. My scalp isn’t as dry as it normally it and I don’t have as many dry patchy flakes as usually. I’ve only been using it for a week but I plan to keep using it and hopefully my scalp improves over time, but so far so good.



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