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NIKUZIT detox infusion 25 tea bags for 100 cups

Usage: Add 1 tea bag  to 4 glasses of boiling water, and leave for 20 more minutes without heating. Store in the refrigerator (Can be consumed cold or hot; lemon and sweeteners may be added).

Dosage: Half a glass a day, for two days; one glass a day, for two days; two glasses a day, for two days; three glasses a day, for two weeks. May be resumed after a recess of 4 weeks.

Particularly recommended during autumn and spring.

Limitations: People suffering from hypertension, or younger than 13, should not drink more than half a glass per day.  For ages younger than 6, it is not advised.

Comments: Drink profusely during the treatment. Additional means for enhancing liver and kidney functions (may be applied between treatments):  drinking wheat-grass or barley-grass juice; drinking the juice of raw carrots, beets, and celery stalks; eating artichokes and drinking their cooking-water; drinking parsley juice.

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Contains: nettle, sumac leaf, savory, origanum syriacum, corn silk, everlasting flower, peppermint, dandelion root, stevia, clary sage, orange peel, medicinal sage,everlasting oil, orange peel extract.

1 Tea Bag Serves to Prepare 1 Liter Infusion

Dosage: Drink half a glass a day, for the first two days; a whole glass a day, for the next two days; then two glasses a day, for two days; and three glasses a day, for two weeks.


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ותחליב GADAL

תוכלו להנות מ-40% הנחה של שני המוצרים.
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