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MASHAV 20 ML Inhalation Mixture

Inhalation oil for Decongestion: 10 ml

Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $25.00.



Ingredients: Alcohol from grapes fermentation, and essential oils of pine, eucalyptus, fennel, mint, lemon peel, lavender, orange peel, savory

Usage instructions: Two different modes of usage are possible:

During the day: Drip a few drops on a piece of cloth and breathe through it, or drip a few drops onto boiling water, and breathe the vapors.

At night: Drip a few drops on a vaporizer, or on the pillow next to your head.

Limitations: Do not rub the product on your body. Do not use for a baby aged under 12 months, unless in a vaporizer.

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