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Our Factory

Who we are

Factory Herbs Of Kedem

Who are we?

Herbs of Kedem has been studying, cultivating organically, and preparing extracts from rare Dead Sea region plants, since 1996.

We have been making all natural beauty and health products from them, without any synthetic ingredients

 You are welcome to visit us, north of Arad, Israel

In the program:

– A tour and information about the unique plants growing in the Judean Desert area and the medicinal uses of the plant.

– Visiting our production line and understanding the product production process

Lecture by Dr. Amir Kitron, CEO of Weed Kedem, and former head of the Judea Development and Research Center, a lecturer at Ariel University.
A lecture on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, a free booklet will be given.

Accompaniment and advice for each visitor, adjusting the diet according to blood type

Hot or cold drinks will be served to participants

For details: 02-9605040, Itamar 052-4443110

Opening Hours:
09:00 – 18:00

Friday and holiday eves: Closed

Address: Moshav Carmel
D.N. Mount Hebron 9040400

ברכישת שמפו ״שמשונית״
ותחליב GADAL

תוכלו להנות מ-40% הנחה של שני המוצרים.
הזינו את הקוד בקופה.

(יש כפל מבצעים!)
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