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Why use vegan cosmetics even if you aren’t vegan?

We just entered the new year of 2022! It’s about time we all started to take proper care of our skin.

Almost as much as we care about what we eat, we should care about what we apply onto our skin, the skin being a breathing organ of very large surface.  It also greatly affects our appearance.  

Beauty products containing edible ingredients, will generally be healthier for our skin.

But animals-derived ingredients, are not necessarily ingredients we would eat.

Here are 5 benefits of using beauty products that are truly 100% natural ingredients derived AND vegan friendly (NOT JUST “CRUELY FREE’, which just means that they have not been tested on animals; and NOT JUST “VEGAN”, which means they contain chemicals, too):

1.True All-Natural, Vegan products don’t contain dead animals by-products
This might come as a surprise, but some of the ingredients in beauty products may contain insects’ extracts, uric acid extracted from cows and other substances. Switching to vegan beauty products will ensure you don’t coat your skin with dead animal by-products.

2.All-Natural Vegan cosmetics are often better for sensitive skin
Vegan cosmetics are sometimes better for those who have sensitive skin because they’re composed of fewer ingredients than some non-vegan cosmetics. Those additional ingredients can increase your chances of developing a rash, acne, dry skin and so on.

3.All-Natural Vegan cosmetics often contain anti aging ingredients
Some vegan cosmetics hydrate the skin, other help acne-prone skin and other skin conditions which in turn may give you a more youthful appearance. Moreover, some vegan products have been known to improve uneven skin tones as well as reduce dark circles under the eyes. With so many plant based ingredients contained in vegan cosmetics, it’s no wonder it has so many beneficial effects for your skin.

4.All-Natural Vegan skin care is often of higher quality
All-natural Vegan cosmetics are made of all natural ingredients that are good for the skin. All-natural egan cosmetics tend to last longer and combine with the skin tissue more smoothly than many of its non- vegan counterparts.

5.All-Natural Vegan skin care is better for the planet
Not only will you be saving animals by using All-Natural Vegan cosmetics, you’ll also be saving the planet. All-Natural Vegan companies avoid synthetic chemicals, avoid supporting polluting animals-rearing industrie, and often recycle plants’ waste and packagings.


You don’t have to be a vegan to understand that All-Natural Vegan cosmetics have a wide range of benefits: from putting a stop to animal testing & farming, supporting your skin with healthier and safer ingredients, to going about your day knowing you are better supporting the planet!

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